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Take your business, product or service to new markets


Enero 8 Holdings team has over 40 years experience in go-to-market operations.
We’ve done successful market entries in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Pacific and Latin America


What we do

Market Research


Is the landing country/region ready for your product? Is there a need? How would companies there adopt it? How does the competition look like?

Local Partners: sales and more!

We scout and activate: agents, resellers and/or distributors. We go-to-market with your name and product/service and establish a solid operational network including sales, technical support, logistics and any other necessary hub.

Local Office in Singapore

If you wish to establish yourself in a landing market, whether alone or with local JV partners, we will provide the necessary support and advise to make it happen. This includes company registration, accounting, banking and any other service or procedure required.

Marketing and launch

We register the relevant domains and make sure you have access to the best tactical SEO, SEM and SoMe tools to get your brand, product and service out there. We create relevant content to be used as local websites, SoMe messaging or targeted ads.

Manufacturing in Asia

You made your prototype and first commercial batches in your local market. You’re scaling up and wish to find another manufacturing hub to supply your newly found markets. We will introduce you to our local partner company and take each step with you.


Enero 8 Holdings has offices in Helsinki and Singapore.
Contact us, let’s talk and make this happen.


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